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If you want your development to be so successful it not only surpasses your asset value, occupancy and profit goals, it also becomes an industry flagship, here’s the answer.

First – you want an intelligent, innovative plan so your food retailers kick serious goals the minute the doors fly open.


That’s what the team here at Brain & Poulter are famous for in the F&B industry … for developing Masterplans that get BIG results (see case studies).


We work with development managers, architects, project managers and designers to deliver advice and support through the life of your project … from major CBD, suburban and regional shopping centres, airports, universities, tourist attractions and many more.

What’s Possible?

Watch your project values go up.

Get creative, accurate and sales focused designs.

See your costs go DOWN.

Pinpoint your greatest opportunities and dangers

Enjoy strong occupancy

Increase your rental return potential.

Maximise your trading performance.

Get a highly leasable food precinct with great yield.

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Why do I need a food consultant when I have an experienced leasing and development team?

Good question!


There are several benefits to working with a food consultant.


Firstly, we eliminate uncertainty. Our strategies have been tried and tested and we follow proven processes that have worked time and time again.


For example:

  • Our tenancy tier mix hierarchy identifies what cuisines and usages are more likely to be frequented by your trade area customers than others.
  • Our unique profiling system, “The B&P Dining DNA Barometer” highlights the degree of appeal a dining precinct has within the trade area. It also suggests how far you can expand the envelope to maximise your food catering GLA. This brings confidence to the asset team in terms of the feasibility.


Secondly, our strategies are customer centric rather than retailer centric.

  • If you build a lease plan based on highest and best use for the customer profile you will end up with a strong and long term tenancy mix guaranteed to perform and meet rental increase obligations.
  • If you develop a retailer centric tenancy plan, on the other hand, you will get easy lease deals to begin with. However, in our experience, many ‘easy’ retailers end up trading poorly. This results in abatement requests and other issues down the track.
Our architects can put the masterplan together for the restaurant precinct. Why do we need an additional consultant?

While architects are skilled in many aspects of design, they often do not have the specialised knowledge required to maximise returns from restaurant precincts.


For example, here are 10 common mistakes we see architects make in food retail design:

  • Incorrect tenancy widths: Making it impossible for a kitchen to be included in the tenancy.
  • Incorrect tenancy depths: Creating uninviting tenancies to potential customers.
  • Inappropriate indoor/outdoor seating ratios: Threatening the trading potential of the tenancies on inclement weather days.
  • Poor walkway design: Creating health and safety risks and service speed impediments through the outdoor seating area.
  • Poorly optimised precinct design: Designing too many or too few tenancies to sustain trade.
  • Unnecessary features: Installing costly design elements such as children’s play areas or water features that may not drive traffic to the dining precinct.
  • Lack of rear servicing: Failing to consider the movement of the vast quantities of bottles in and out of tenancies from delivery dock to waste removal zones.
  • No thought given to arrival points: Making it difficult for potential customers to navigate the space or find cuisines they are looking for.
  • Ignorance about weather: Failing to take into account the impact of wind, sun or shade on the trading potential of tenancies.
  • Uncertainty about toilet facilities: Costing clients too much in base services by including toilets within a tenancy instead of providing a common toilet area.


By working with a food consultant like Brain & Poulter, you can minimise these mistakes. This can save you thousands of dollars in architect redrafting fees, as well as increasing your ROI from the precinct.

The asset/fund manager believes consultants are a waste of time. Why should we use a food consultant?

Brain & Poulter regularly help clients generate as much as $400 returns for every $1 investment in their services. That means that working with us is not a cost, but an investment.



Call Matina Sarris on +61 (0)448 696 369 to discuss your requirments and how B&P can help or: